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New Budget for 2019 to Help Italian Taxpayers


As the new year approaches, the Italian government has issued the Budget Law for 2019 which provides for several concessions for those who have filed their tax returns. The 2019 Budget also contains new regulations related to finance and employment. Foreign investors interested in opening companies in Italy can rely on our company formation agents for information on the legislation favoring them.

Export Activities in Italy Rose by 8% in June


June was one of the best months of this year in terms of exports for the Italian economy. With an overall growth of 8%Italian trading companies have reported that the highest incomes were generated to extra-community exports in June. Foreign investors who want to open companies in the trading sector can rely on our Italian company formation consultants.

Forecast: Italian Economy to Grow in the Next Two Years


The Italian economy has started to recover after the slowdown registered in the last several months. The news is confirmed by the European Commission and by the National Bank of Italy, both entities announcing an economic of increase for this year and 2019. Foreign investors who want to open companies in Italy can find numerous business opportunities and can be guided by our consultants if they need help in registering their companies.

Design, One of the Most Important Italian Industries in 2018


Italy is known for its innovation capabilities which in the last year has expanded to a less regular industry: that of design. Moreover, this innovation has transformed design into one of the largest and most important industries in the country. Now, the number of Italian companies operating in various branches of this industry is one of the largest in Europe. Foreign enterprisers who want to open companies in Italy in the design sector can rely on our company formation services.


Italian Exports Rose by 9.5% in the First Three Months of 2018


The end of 2017 brought very good results for the Italian trading industry, with exports registering a total increase of 7.4%. This year started the same way, as the rise in export numbers continued in the first 3 months of 2018, with a slower growth in January because of the fewer working days. Enterprisers who want to open companies in the trading sector can receive advice from our company formation consultants in Italy.

Italy to Boost Economic Ties with Russia


Italy has good economic ties with countries all over the world, one of the most important relations being with Russia which is also the main gas supplier in Italy. The two countries have also signed other agreements related to the energy sector in the past years, one of the most important referring to a drilling project financed by one of the largest banks in Italy. If you want to open a company in Italy and need assistance, our representatives can advise you.

Italy, One of the Largest FDI Recipients in the World in 2017


During the last few years, the Italian economy has had various fluctuations due to the changes implemented by the government. However, there were also tax cuts and changes in the legislation that have had a positive effect on the foreign investments made in Italy in last 3 years. Foreign investments started growing in 2015 and kept a steady pace until the end of 2017. Our company formation agents in Italy can offer information on the laws favoring foreign direct investments (FDI).

Economic Prospects in the Italian Budget for 2018


Even if submitted at the end of October 2017, the draft of 2018 Budget was debated by the Italian parliament in the first days of the new year. Among the proposals for 2018 are a lower governmental deficit, revenue growth and lower expenditure. This year’s Budget also includes several incentives related to the innovation sector. If you are interested in setting up a company, our Italian company formation advisors can guide you through the procedure.

Overview of the Italian Trading Sector in 2017


Even after several from the financial crisis, the global economy is continuing the recovery process and the same can be said about the Italian economy, according to a report issued by the Italian Trade Agency. Italy is on a good path to recovery as the end of the year is expected to bring a 1% increase in the county’s Gross Domestic Product. Foreign investors are invited by the authorities to open companies in some of the most productive industries and they can rely on our company formation services in Italy for assistance.

Forecast for Italy: Economy to Grow by 1.5% in 2018


The last month of the autumn of 2017 brought good news for the Italian economy from both the European Commission and the local government. The European Commission announced Italy will conclude this year with an economic growth of 1.5%, which is significantly better than last year. The forecast for 2018 is also a good one, according to the same European Commission. If you want to open a company here and need assistance, you can rely on our company registration consultants in Italy.

The Cruise Sector Contributes to the Growth of the Italian Tourism Industry


The Italian tourism industry has opened the doors to many investors who have created not only the traditional types of businesses which include travel agencies and hotels, but also those who have come up with new business ideas, such as companies which organizer cruises. During the last several years, the cruises market in Italy has developed quite a lot and reached its peak during the summer of 2017. If you want to open a company in tourism in Italy, our local consultants can assist you.

Italian Export Companies to Be Offered More Support by SACE


The Italian economy relies on exports which is why it has enabled an agency with the purpose of helping local companies in increasing their exports. At the end of July, the export credit agency (SACE) issued its results for the first half of the year which indicates the financial resources gathered for its activities rose by 19% compared to the same period of the last year. Foreign entrepreneurs interested in setting up a business in the trading sector can rely on our company incorporation services in Italy.

Milan Is a Top Real Estate Destination in Italy


Economic growth and investors’ confidence in the Italian business environment is driving a considerable increase in various industries across the country, one of these being real estateMilan is one of the Italian cities registering the highest demand in house purchases which is why the prices have also gone up during the last three years. However, residential sales are on the rise all over the country. Foreign investors interested in starting a business in the real estate sector, can rely on our company incorporation services in Italy.

Italy Was the Second Largest Agricultural Producer in Europe in 2016


Italy in known for its massive production of agricultural products of all kinds which has reached a new record last year. According to Istat, the National Statistics Office, in 2016 Italy occupied the second position in terms of agricultural production in Europe. Foreign investors who want to start a business in the agricultural industry can rely on the services offered by our Italian company formation consultants.

Exports and Profit Reinvestments, the Key to Success for Italian SMEs


The number of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which have become successful since the beginning of the year has grown, according to a report launched by the Global Strategy magazine. Moreover, the growth rates of these companies have increased 9 times since last year. Our company formation consultants in Italy can help you start a small business in this country.

Italy Was EU's Second Largest Online Gaming Market in 2016


Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world and in Europe which is why it is no wonder that many investors decide to set up all sorts of casinos in the large cities like Rome or Milan. A recent report issued by the Online Gaming Observatory shows online gambling has caught the attention of gamblers at a larger scale in 2016. These have increased their spending on casino games and sport betting by 25% last year. If you want to open a casino in this country, our company incorporation consultants in Italy can assist you.

The Rewarding Scheme for Highly-qualified Workers in Italy


The Italian government has recently implemented various incentives for highly-qualified workers whom move from abroad to Italy to carry out their activities. The new scheme provides for several conditions under which foreign citizens can move to Italy. Below, we list the available tax benefits and the necessary requirements for applying for the program. Our Italian company formation consultants can also assist foreign investors who want start businesses here.

The New Italian Patent Box Package


Foreign investors who want to invest in the research and development industry in Italy can benefit from a new patent box regime which just implemented by the government. The new program will be available for Italian companies registering patents, trademarks or any other type of intellectual property rights. The deductible tax base has also been broadened by the government. Our company incorporation agents in Italy can offer more information on the new patent box regime.

The Luxury Goods Industry, One of the Best Economic Sectors in Italy


Everybody knows Milan is one of the world’s fashion capitals and now the luxury goods market in Italy has reached a new stage: the number of luxury products companies listing their shares on the stock market has increased considerably. More than that, we could say that Italian companies in the luxury industry will be the leaders of the IPO (initial public offerings) market this year. Our company formation consultants in Italy can assist with the company registration process if you are interested in starting a business in the luxury goods sector.

The Government Supports Italian SMEs Using Social Media


With small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) being the pillar of the Italian economy, the Italian Institute of Statistics (Istat) gathered data on how digitization affects this type of companies. According to the Institute, it was essential to know how Italian SMEs use digital technologies in order to increase their incomes. Moreover, at the middle of March the government entered a partnership with three companies in order to support SMEs seeking to use innovation and digitization. Our Italian company formation representatives can assist investors who want establish businesses in this country.

The Made in Italy Brand Registered Historic Export Numbers in 2016


The last month of 2016 brought a historic increase in Italian exports, according to the National Statistics Office, Istat. Even if on a year-to-year basis the trade balance indicated an increase of 1.1%, when comparing the results of registered in December 2015 and those of the same month of 2016, the rise is of 5.7%. The cosmetics market and the Made in Italy brand made the difference in last year’s export numbers. Our company formation agents in Italy can assist foreign investors interested in opening a trading company in this country.

Milan Aims to Become Europe's Next Financial Center after Brexit


Not all EU countries would suffer after the UK exits the Union and Italy is perhaps of evident proof of that given the new set of laws meant to boost the Italian’s Stock Exchange visibility among the European stock markets. The Parliament aims to make Milan a leading financial center in the European Union by replacing London. Foreign investors interested in opening companies with the aim of trading on the capital market, can rely on our Italian company formation consultants.

Italy Has Implemented the Patent Box Regime


Announced a few years back, the Patent Box Regime was finally introduced at the end of 2016 and will favor Italian companies registering trademarks, industrial designs, models and even know-how with the Intellectual Property Office. Under the regime, both Italian and foreign companies registering intellectual property will benefit from an advantageous tax bonus. If you are interested in opening a company and need assistance, our Italian company formation consultants can provide it to you.

Young Entreprenuers Are Attracted by the Italian Agricultural Industry


Agriculture has a bright future in Italy where the number of entrepreneurs under the age of 35 interested in investing in this industry is growing on a yearly basis. Moreover, by 2020 the number of start-ups established by young entrepreneurs is expected to reach 20,000. The better news is that most enterprisers are interested in green agriculture which implies a high degree of innovation. If you want to establish a business in the agricultural sector, our company registration agents in Italy can assist you.

The Italian Real Estate Industry Marked an Impressive Growth in 2016


The end of 2016 brought positive changes for the real estate industry in Italy, especially for the commercial sector. According to the Revenue Agency Real Estate Observatory, the property market has recorded an increase of 17.8%. If you want to invest in real estate, our Italian company formation consultants offer assistance in purchasing commercial real estate.


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