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Overview of the Italian Trading Sector in 2017

Written by: Bridgewest

Even after several from the financial crisis, the global economy is continuing the recovery process and the same can be said about the Italian economy, according to a report issued by the Italian Trade Agency. Italy is on a good path to recovery as the end of the year is expected to bring a 1% increase in the county’s Gross Domestic Product. Foreign investors are invited by the authorities to open companies in some of the most productive industries and they can rely on our company formation services in Italy for assistance.

Factors which can positively influence the Italian economy

Even if the Italy is slowly but surely recovering, the Trade Agency considers that the country has a slower recovery process than the EU average, which is why the right decision in supporting SMEs and companies with high-growth potential should be supported by the government.

International trade is another factor which could contribute to Italy’s economic increase in the next few years, as it has already started to grow. The end of the year is expected to bring a 4.4% increase in import numbers and a 3.5% in the export ones, in terms of goods and services. The good news is that most of the goods and services exported by Italian companies reached non-EU countries which means they are good quality products sought all over the world. China, Russia and several South American countries are the parts of the world Italian products reached.

Italy expanded its trading network in 2017

Many of the Italian trading companies exporting their products in EU states reached countries all over the world in 2017. In terms of services, Italian firms expanded in Asia, Latin America and North Africa.

Most companies operate through affiliates or branch offices in other countries, however foreign investments are in line with the EU average. Still, the government should put a greater emphasis in attracting more foreign companies on the Italian market.

The Trade Agency’s report indicates that the first 4 months of 2017 were the best of the trading sector in Italy.

If you want to start a trading business here and need assistance with the registration and licensing process, please contact our company incorporation consultants in Italy.



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