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Company Formation Italy



The Cruise Sector Contributes to the Growth of the Italian Tourism Industry

Written by: Bridgewest

The-cruise-market-is-on-the-rise-in-ItalyThe Italian tourism industry has opened the doors to many investors who have created not only the traditional types of businesses which include travel agencies and hotels, but also those who have come up with new business ideas, such as companies which organizer cruises. During the last several years, the cruises market in Italy has developed quite a lot and reached its peak during the summer of 2017. If you want to open a company in tourism in Italy, our local consultants can assist you.

The request for cruises has increased this year in Italy

There are three large Italian companies organizing cruises at this moment, however their number is significantly higher when considering the smaller companies in the industry. Their development has led to an increase in the demand for cruises leaving Italian ports. The number of visitors traveling on ships flying the Italian flag has increased by 10% during the summer season of 2017, according to one of the largest companies in this field. The overall market grew by 3% - this includes foreign and local tourists.

Also, Italian clients have started booking their holidays earlier at the beginning of this year, compared to last year when most of the reservation were made in the last minute.

Our Italian company formation agents can assist with the vessel registration procedure.

Italian companies are optimistic about the 2018 summer season

The good numbers registered this summer has determined many companies in the tourism industry to quite optimistic about the next season, as the number of tourists booking their holidays earlier is completed by a slight rise in the average prices of the vacation packages.

The same positive sentiment is present among all companies organizing cruises, as they are expecting tourists to book new cruises in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, but also on new routes which include Asia.

During this year’s summer season, the most popular ports among foreign tourists were Venice, Brindisi, Ravenna, Cagliari and Ravenna.

Foreign investors interested in setting up companies in tourism can choose among several branches. If you want to open a company and need assistance, please feel free to contact our company incorporation advisors in Italy.



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