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The Government Supports Italian SMEs Using Social Media

Written by: Bridgewest

The-number-of-Italian-SMEs-using-social-media-has-increasedWith small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) being the pillar of the Italian economy, the Italian Institute of Statistics (Istat) gathered data on how digitization affects this type of companies. According to the Institute, it was essential to know how Italian SMEs use digital technologies in order to increase their incomes. Moreover, at the middle of March the government entered a partnership with three companies in order to support SMEs seeking to use innovation and digitization. Our Italian company formation representatives can assist investors who want establish businesses in this country.

The number of Italian SMEs using digital technology doubled in 4 years

According to Istat, 95% of the functional economy of Italy is represented by small and medium-sized companies, which is why the report prepared by the Institute wanted to provide an exact picture of how the use of technology has enhanced these companies’ performance during the years. It also plans to convince more business owners to implement high-tech solutions in order to increase their visibility on the market and thus increase their sales.

According to statistics, the number of SMEs using social media and other digital marketing tools has doubled: if in 2013 28% of these companies used such tools, at the beginning of 2017, 58% of the SMEs had an online presence. Also, most of the companies had a marketing strategy. Italian companies are now more convinced than ever that the Internet is an important factor in their success. Compared to 4 years ago, 81% of SMEs deem the web as “essential” for their success.

The new innovation hub dedicated to Italian SMEs

The government also supports Italian companies seeking to go digital through various programs, one of them being the recently launched partnership with three of the most successful companies in the digital field.

The Digital Made in Italy hub aims to foster investments in startups, but also in Italian companies seeking to scale up their presences in the online environment. In the near future, two new programs for open innovation and digitization will be set up. Also, by 2018 the Digital Made in Italy program want to create 100 new startups.

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