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The Luxury Goods Industry, One of the Best Economic Sectors in Italy

Written by: Bridgewest

The-luxury-goods-industry-one-of-the-best-economic-sectors-in-ItalyEverybody knows Milan is one of the world’s fashion capitals and now the luxury goods market in Italy has reached a new stage: the number of luxury products companies listing their shares on the stock market has increased considerably. More than that, we could say that Italian companies in the luxury industry will be the leaders of the IPO (initial public offerings) market this year. Our company formation consultants in Italy can assist with the company registration process if you are interested in starting a business in the luxury goods sector.

Italian luxury goods businesses are performing excellently

 The number of companies operating in the luxury sector under the Made in Italy brand are among the best performers of the Italian economy, considering the data gathered since the beginning of 2017. Leaving aside startups which are also on a good track, the number of Italian companies issuing new stock on the Italian capital markets is increasing at a fast pace. According to the Italian Statistical Office, Italian companies incorporated within the last five years have registered the best performances. These has also brought “their shareholders great satisfaction”, if we are to quote fashion representatives.

Our company incorporation agents in Italy can explain the requirements to list a company on the local stock exchange.

New fashion companies are also thriving

The Italian fashion industry is winning over new markets all over the world and not only when talking about recognized brands, but also companies with less popularity. Some of them rose by more than 30% in sales numbers within the first two years of activities, while most of them expanded their operation in nearby countries where they have become quite popular.

According to statistics, the luxury segment is one of the best industries to invest in Italy this year, as the Made in Italy brand has gathered some of the most renowned brands and helped new fashion companies to have a greater reach on the market, therefore opening a company in this sector can bring a substantial income even if not addressing luxury consumers from the beginning.

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