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Company Formation Italy



The New Italian Patent Box Package

Written by: Bridgewest

Italian-patent-box-packageForeign investors who want to invest in the research and development industry in Italy can benefit from a new patent box regime which just implemented by the government. The new program will be available for Italian companies registering patents, trademarks or any other type of intellectual property rights. The deductible tax base has also been broadened by the government. Our company incorporation agents in Italy can offer more information on the new patent box regime.

The new Italian patent box regime has been extended to 5 years

The Italian government has recently implemented a very attractive patent box package for companies. The optional 5-year tax regime, which is irrevocable and renewable, allows deductions from the taxable base of the corporate income, personal income and the regional taxes at a percentage of 30% and 40% for the first two financial years of adoption and 50% from the third year onwards of the qualifying income arising from intangible assets such as software protected by copyright, patents, trademarks, legally protectable drawings and models, legally protectable know-how, etc.

Al types of Italian companies are allowed to apply for these deductions, including permanent establishments of foreign companies, such as branch offices registered in Italy which will benefit from the regime in accordance with the double tax treaty signed between Italy and the country of residence of the foreign parent company.

Our company formation consultants in Italy can offer detailed information on the country’s double taxation agreements and can also assist with the registration of branch offices.

What are the eligible entities under the Italian patent box regime?

The Italian patent box follows in the footsteps of the models developed in other EU countries such as Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, and Spain.

Eligible to access the patent box regime are Italian entities that:

  • -          produce a corporate income;
  • -          are entitled to exploit intangible assets;
  • -          carry out research and development activity, finalized to the development, maintenance and increase of the value of the intangible assets.

For full information on the renewed patent box regime, please contact our company registration representatives in Italy. We can also assist with the trademark registration process in Italy.



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