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Company Formation Italy



Buy a Shelf Company in Italy

Updated on Tuesday 12th December 2017

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Buying a ready-made company is a good alternative for a foreign investor who wants to set up a company in Italy and start doing business immediately. This option saves the time needed for the mandatory company incorporation procedures.
A shelf company is a company that has already been registered in Italy and has all its registration documents, such as its articles of association, prepared and in order.
Foreign investors should pay close attention when making such transactions. The shelf company needs to have good financial records so that the new buyer will not have any problems in the future. Our company registration agents in Italy can help you with a company due diligence procedure required for a thorough verification of the shelf company.

A quick start for your business 

Investors who decide to purchase a shelf company do so because they want to take advantage of the quick procedure: all the company will need in order to function will be a company number and a VAT number. After these steps are completed, the new managers of the company will sign the articles of association and the new owner will be able to begin the business activities.
There are several types of companies available in Italy, but two of the preferred business forms are the limited liability company and the joint stock company. The investor will choose the appropriate business form according to the size of the company, its prospects for development in the future and the possibility to invest the required share capital amount. 
Foreign corporations can purchase a ready-made Italian company and use it as a branch or a subsidiary. The scope of the branch is more limited, compared to the subsidiary, and the new owners of the company will also need to change the acquired company’s name to match the one of the company abroad. If you choose to do so, out company registration experts can help you. The subsidiary is considered a separate, Italian legal entity. It will be taxed and treated separately from its mother company abroad. The subsidiary can be a limited liability company, and purchasing a ready-made one is a good option for reducing the needed time for incorporation.
Our company registration agents in Italy can help you find the most suitable shelf company. We can help you draw up and submit the final documents so that the company will start its operations in the shortest amount of time possible. 
A crucial step when purchasing a shelf company in Italy is to perform a thorough check-up of the legal entity offered for sale. There are many companies that specialize in selling ready-made businesses and a team of experts can help you run a background check on this provider. Our company registration agents in Italy can help you run a fiscal and legal verification in order to make sure that the company offered for sale does not have any debts and is actually registered with the Italian tax authorities.

Gaining ownership of your new company

Once the new company directors have signed the incorporation document, the shelf company will begin to engage in commercial activities and function just as any other type of company in Italy. A bank account will be required for the company and our experts can help you open one at an Italian bank.
Another important step after the company is transferred to the new owner is to also transfer the shares of the company from the initial owner to the current shareholders. This is done in front of a public notary in Italy.
Italian companies need to comply with the taxation laws in the country and most types of companies will also need to comply with the annual accounting and audit requirements. Our specialists in Italy can provide you with accounting services for your newly purchased company.

The advantages of buying a shelf company in Italy

A foreign investor who buys a ready made company will benefit from its credibility on the market. A shelf company will have clean records, making it easier to obtain corporate credits, leases and even enter into business arrangements. Some businessmen hesitate to sign important contracts with the owners of a newly formed company because they don’t trust a partner with no business history. In other cases, it might be even mandatory for the company to be registered for a certain amount of time or the creditor will refuse to sign business contracts.
Regardless of the business field in which you operate in, a ready-made company can be an excellent business option for you. Our company incorporation agents in Italy can give you more details about these companies and offer you examples of existing ready-made companies in Italy that can be bought immediately. 
If you need legal assistance or advice, you can contact us  as well as our partner local lawyers and accountants.
We invite you to watch a short video about how you can buy a shelf company in Italy:


  • Naandkumarr 2014-12-30

    i want to buy readymade shelf company LIMITED LIABILITY with bank account existing available

    Hello Naandkumarr, you can send us your request at office@bridgewest.eu and one of our specialists in company
    formation will answer you as soon as possible.

  • Samer Rafeh 2015-03-08

    Hello, I want to buy a company in Italy to do exporting of water pumps. Other option is buying an offshore company. please let me know what will be the cost for offshore company and onshore company. Thanking you. Best regards, Saner Rafeh

  • Kalyaanparimi 2015-06-17

    Hi, We want to buy a ready made self company with limited liability which is having bank accounts.

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