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The Benefits of Doing Business in Italy

Updated on Sunday 06th December 2020

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Set-up-a-crowd-funding-company-in-Italy.jpgDoing business in Italy is extremely appealing to international entrepreneurs who want to develop operations in a country that in most cases doesn’t need a specific presentation. Yet, Italy is home to well-known and luxurious brands that conquered international markets several decades ago. The ease of doing business in Italy is discovered quite fast by businessmen from abroad who enjoy the lack of complexity and the multitude of opportunities offered. Our company formation agents in Italy are here to guide you in company formation and registration in Italy.

Is it hard to open a company in Italy?

The benefits of doing business in Italy are huge, and among these, the simple registration process of a company. The proper business form in Italy is the limited liability company or the SRL as it is known for which one euro is required as minimum share capital. Here is what you should know about the registration of a SRL in Italy:
  1. A single director or manager is sufficient for a SRL in Italy.
  2. The incorporation can be done at the public notary.
  3. The Articles of Association will comprise information about the owner, activities, business office, and many more.
  4. The Italian Business Register is the institution that receives company documents for incorporation.
  5. The registration for taxation is mandatory for companies in Italy.
  6. The incorporation process of a company in Italy is straightforward and can be overseen by one of our agents in Italy who can also represent your firm.
The lack of registration complexities and formalities represents a benefit in front of international investors in Italy. The ease of doing business in Italy is highly appreciated by entrepreneurs in this country. You can discuss this with one of our company formation agents in Italy and solicit help for company registration.

An appealing tax structure in Italy

The reinvested profits in a company in Italy are subject to lower taxation and even exemptions, under certain conditions. Italy imposes one of the lowest corporate income taxes in Europe, set at a 24% rate. The standard VAT rate is set at 22%, followed by lower rates for different categories of products. Startup companies in Italy are subject to minimal costs, but if you would like to know more, feel free to discuss with our agents. They can also tell you the benefits and risks of doing business in Italy.

Italy has powerful and highly developed industries

Foreign investors are attracted by the prolific business sectors of Italy, where they can generate interesting profits. The food industry is remarkably developed in Italy and home to a large number of companies. The great Italian food plays a major role in the tourism sector. Speaking of tourism, this is another extremely developed field that generates large profits on a yearly basis and that represents a solid part of Italy’s GDP. More than 46 million tourists visit Italy each year. Great investment opportunities are offered by the real estate sector in Italy where both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs can develop their companies in a safe and appreciated business field. 

Relying on a skilled workforce

The Italian workforce is another benefit of doing business in Italy. This means that international entrepreneurs can rely on the labor force available here when relocating the company or creating a new one from scratch. The multilingual and highly educated workforce is made of young and middle-aged persons, representing excellent choices for local and foreign companies established in Italy. Doing business in Italy is quite simple and straightforward, and one of our specialists can guide you step by step.

Where should I invest in Italy?

Rome, Naples, Milan, Palermo, Florence, Turin, and Verona should be on the list of international entrepreneurs interested in making investments in Italy. These are prolific cities, rich in culture and traditions, with vast business opportunities and highly developed industries that attract many foreign entrepreneurs each year. The real estate sector is the main attraction, followed by the tourism or food industry. Here are some facts and figures about Italy’s economy that might attract you:
  1. Approximately USD 446 billion represented the total FDI stock for Italy in 2019.
  2. France was the main investor in Italy in 2018, with investments of around 21.9% rate.
  3. The 2020 Doing Business report ranks Italy 58th out of 190 economies in the world.
  4. The manufacturing sector in Italy receives most of the FDIs.
Interested in doing business in Italy? We invite you to contact our team of company incorporation agents in Italy and solicit our help. We work in the best interests of our customers.

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