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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on Tuesday 12th December 2017

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Frequently-Asked-Questions-Italy.jpg1. What are the types of companies that can be incorporated in Italy?

Investors in Italy can open a limited liability company, joint stock company, partnership limited by shares, general or limited partnership, cooperative, sole proprietorship or a branch of a foreign company.

2. Can a foreigner open a company in Italy?

Yes. Italy welcomes foreign direct investments and allows foreigners to have the same rights as nationals to incorporate a company.

3. How fast can you start a new business in Italy?

It takes approximately one week to incorporate a company in Italy.

4. Does the company need to have an office in Italy?

Yes. The company needs to have a representative office based in Italy. Rome, Milan or Naples are great cities for foreign investments.

5. What are the steps for company incorporation in Italy?

After the investor has chosen the company type, he must apply for and register a valid company name. Then he must submit all the incorporation documents at the Business Register.

6. What is the minimum share capital in Italy?

It depends on the type of company: 50,000 EUR for the joint stock company or 10,000 EUR for the limited liability company.

7. What are the requirements for opening a bank account in Italy?

A bank account must be opened for the company in order to deposit the share capital. The company representative will need the company’s registration certificate and other documents to open a bank account. The associated costs depend on the chosen Italian bank.

8. Do you need special permits and licenses in Italy?

Yes. Certain activities are regulated in Italy and investors will need special permits and licenses in order to perform them. Imports and exports are such an example.

9. What are the taxes for companies in Italy?

The corporate income tax in Italy is 27.5%. Other taxes in Italy include stamp duties, the property tax, the transfer tax or the value added tax.

10. What are the reasons to invest in Italy?

Italy offers numerous possibilities for investments. A good geographical location, good infrastructure and easy access to other European markets, incentives and a historic tourism sector and food industry are the main reasons to invest in Italy.
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