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Open Guaranteed Funds in Italy

Updated on Thursday 13th December 2018

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Open-guaranteed-funds-in-Italy.jpgThe investment fund industry in Italy has become quite prosperous during the last few years, as the National Bank and the Securities and Exchange Commission (CONSOB) have enabled several EU regulations related to the opening of investment funds. These directives have put Italy on the map of qualified investors interested in this industry. Among the most popular types of funds qualified and experienced investors choose are collective investment funds which are divided into various categories. Among these, guaranteed funds are some of the most employed.

Our company registration agents in Italy can offer full information on the legislation related to set up guaranteed funds in this country.

What are Italian guaranteed funds?

Guaranteed funds are collective investment schemes usually offered by insurance or management companies in Italy. They are called guaranteed investment funds because they are based on a scheme which allows the participants to the fund to retrieve the amount invested initially when the fund reaches maturity. Italian guaranteed funds may invest in equity, in index funds or in bonds. The management or the insurance company offering this kind of investments must be registered under the form of joint stock companies in Italy and are subject to the approval of the National Bank and the CONSOB.

Our company incorporation consultants in Italy can assist you with the registration process of a joint stock corporation.

How to set up a guaranteed fund in Italy?

One of the most employed type of guaranteed investment fund in Italy is the pension fund. In order to establish a guaranteed fund in Italy, an investor will first need to register the company with the Trade Register, as explained above and then file the following documents with the CONSOB for approval:

  • -          information about the fund, such as its name and duration;
  • -          the conditions for investing in the fund;
  • -          details about the management company;
  • -          a prospectus of the fund.

The usual minimum amount required by the National Bank to open a guaranteed fund in Italy is 1 million euros.

If you are interested in setting up a guaranteed or any other type of investment fund, please feel free to contact our Italian company formation representatives.


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