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Open a Trading Company in Italy

Updated on Saturday 12th June 2021

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Open a trading company in Italy.jpgThe import and export sector in Italy is quite appealing to international entrepreneurs looking for profits in this direction. Opening a trading company in Italy can be beneficial from many points of view. With the help of our company formation agents in Italy, both domestic and foreign investors can start such a business, as our specialists can handle the formalities. We present you with a few steps involved in company formation and trading in Italy.

What is the best structure for opening a trading company in Italy?

The SRL is the limited liability company in Italy and the most preferred business structure available. The lack of complexities and the possibility of starting the activities fast are great advantages of SRLs in Italy. Here is what you should consider for opening a SRL for your trading company in Italy:
  • There is a low minimum share capital of 1 EUR for a SRL in Italy.
  • At least one shareholder is required for a SRL in Italy.
  • The Articles of Association represent the main documents of the firm.
  • The management of a SRL is simple: at least one shareholder and one director are required.
  • In the case of simplified LLC, the name of the firm must have the SRL abbreviation at the end of the name. We remind you that a name reservation for your trading company in Italy is needed.
  • The registration for VAT is made with the Revenue Agency. A SRL is subject to other taxes too.
One of our Italian company formation representatives can guide you throughout the incorporation procedures of a SRL for your trading company in Italy

EORI registration in Italy

EORI is the Economic Operator Registration and Identification code introduced in 2009 in the EU, and it is required for import and export companies. This system simplifies the customs verifications for trading companies with activities within the EU countries. We present you a few details about the EORI number for a trading in Italy:
  • There is an obligation for obtaining the EORI number first, before starting the activities as a trading company in Italy.
  • The EORI number is comprised of 15 characters, including the VAT and the IT abbreviation, the country code of Italy.
  • The EORI number must be found on each customs declaration.
  • This important code can also be used for import and export activities with non-EU countries.
The EORI formalities can be entirely managed by our specialists at the time the trading company is formed. Feel free to ask for assistance and guidance in this matter and get in touch with our company formation agents in Italy.

Short facts about import and export in Italy

Italy is one of the largest exporters in Europe and a solid business collaborator for many countries worldwide. The country has complete access to international markets, thanks to its famous clothing and automotive brands, to mention a few. The statistics for 2019 for Italy’s imports and exports raise the interest of foreign investors in this branch, making trading in Italy quite attractive:
  • Medicaments worth around USD 25 billion took the road of exports worldwide. This represented the major export of Italy.
  • Iron pipes, tobacco, processed tomatoes, and pasta were also top exports of Italy in 2019.
  • In terms of imports, Italy received crude petroleum worth approximately USD 35 billion in 2019.
  • Petroleum gas, packaged medicine (nearly USD 18 billion), and cars were also on the list of imports of Italy.

Reasons to invest in Italy

If you consider that Italy is the country where you want to carry out your activities and make a profit, then it is time to discover some of the advantages of the business climate. For example, besides the easy registration of a company, the labor force, the affordable costs for setting up a company, the possibility of accessing incentives for various activities and investments, the advantageous taxation system, foreigners can also benefit from an advantageous and permissive legislative system. Here are other reasons why Italy is on the list of priorities of foreign investors:
  • • Tourism is one of the most developed in Italy and the sector that brings the highest profits.
  • • Tax cuts are offered to investors who open their businesses in disadvantaged areas of Italy.
  • • Entrepreneurs who make investments in research and development benefit from tax reductions both for employees and for the equipment purchased for the company.
  • • Certain companies that operate in exports benefit from advantageous taxation.
If you want to register a trading company in Italy, you are invited to get in touch with our team of company formation representatives in Italy and find out how we can help. More about trading in Italy can be provided by our experts in the field.

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