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Open a Transport Equipment Repair Business in Italy

Updated on Thursday 30th May 2019

Open-a-Transport-Equipment-Repair-Business-in-Italy.jpgTransport equipment can include motor vehicles, trucks and trailers but also ships and boars, railway equipment and aircraft equipment as well as miscellaneous transport equipment. Investors who set up a business for the repair and maintenance of transport equipment in Italy can offer services for one or more categories of such equipment. 
The periodical inspection, maintenance, and repair are mandatory for vehicles and companies in Italy that provide logistics services work with companies that repair such equipment, according to category. Investors who open a business that repairs transport equipment and also offers maintenance works can work both with local companies and international logistics companies.
The steps for company formation in Italy are the standard ones when starting this type of business. Investors will need to have a business plan and decide where in Italy they will base their company.

What are examples of transport equipment repair services in Italy?

An equipment repair company in Italy will provide a number of services, according to the type of vehicle that is services in that shop. Most of these businesses provide services for the repair of trucks and other vehicles, however, companies can also specialize in the maintenance and repair of ships or aircraft. For the purpose of this article, our team of agents who specialize in company formation in Italy list some of the services offered by companies that offer repair and maintenance for vehicles:
  • Mechanical repairs: repair works for the clutch, brakes, hydraulic and air systems, chassis and other parts.
  • Maintenance: oil changes, clutch adjustments, maintenance plans according to vehicle type.
  • Servicing: a complete service inspection and report, useful for the company logs and database regarding its vehicles.
  • Paint: clients can choose to repaint their vehicle, as needed or brand the vehicle with the company logo.
  • Spare parts: some businesses will also provide the parts and spares for a wide array of brands and models.
The repair work can be scheduled after an accident, in which case the company will also provide quick or urgent repairs according to each case. 
Hiring experiences mechanics and painters is important when running this type of business. investors who open a company in Italy can also choose to hire foreign employees who are qualified in this business field. For them, the employer will need to make the required formalities for obtaining the work permit.

How can one open a business for the repair and maintenance of transport equipment?

The first step for opening a business for the repair and maintenance of transport equipment is choosing a suitable business form. In most cases, this will be the limited liability company, the Srl. After this step, company incorporation in Italy includes the following:
  1. Choose a company name: this is a unique one, not already in use and it can be checked online.
  2. Pay the minimum share capital: for the Srl, the minimum share capital is only one euro, paid previously to the incorporation.
  3. Execute the company documents: the Articles of Association are the company’s constitutive documents, with information on the type, nature, and scope of the company.
  4. Register the business: the company is registered with the Business Register managed by the Italian Chamber of Commerce (Registro Imprese).
  5. Hire employees: employers can hire employees by observing the current laws and regulations, including those for workplace safety.
These are the general steps for company registration in case of a limited liability company. The incorporation of a stock company is similar, with an important difference being the higher capital required for this business form. Investors can also choose to open a business for the repair and maintenance of transport equipment in the form of a partnership. 

What are the requirements for doing business in Italy?

All companies in Italy need to be registered with Registro Imprese and obtain any additional permits and licenses as required in their business field. VAT registration is also required and this is a step that can be handled with the help of our team of agents who specialize in company registration in Italy.
The taxes for a company that offers repair and maintenance services for transport equipment will include the corporate income tax (24%), withholding taxes, social security, and others. The tax year is the same as the calendar year in most cases. Companies file the annual income tax return electronically nine months after the end of the tax year. The corporate income tax is paid in two advance installments.
Contact us for more information on the process and the requirements for investors who open a company in Italy. 

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