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Register a Company in Italy

Updated on Wednesday 01st September 2021

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Entrepreneurs who want to register a company in Italy need to submit an application to the Italian Business Register belonging to the Chamber of Commerce. The register functions in every province, this means that an office is found at each Chamber of Commerce in the country.
The Italian Business Register stores and manages information about each company incorporated in Italy. Companies in all business sectors are registered here, including Italian branches. The main information that is recorded about each company includes:
  • - the documents of incorporation of each company registered in Italy;
  • -  all the amendments made to the Articles of Association of Italian companies;
  • -  information about the cessation of business trading, liquidations, insolvency, and others;
  • - the identity of the company shareholders and directors and the registered headquarters of companies.
The Register has an essential role in the company incorporation process. It also aids the development of the companies, facilitates the company’s relationships with other public companies and supervises the company’s activity so that the legal entity complies with all the legal requirements provided by the Italian law.

Registration with the Italian Business Register

All types of companies in Italy can be registered at the Business Register. However, certain types of organizations, associations and public bodies are not required to register but must inform the R.E.A (Economic Administrative Index in Italy) when they perform economic activities. 
The Business Register includes an ordinary section that includes partnership and corporations, cooperatives or foreign companies with a branch in Italy. The special section includes individual farmers (natural and legal persons), small businesses, simple partnerships, and tradesmen. 
Business owners who make an application to register a company in Italy must submit the required form or forms along with other relevant documents like the Articles of Association, details about the company members and shareholders, the company’s VAT number, the Social Security Administration registration, the Accident Insurance Office registration. Documents issued by the Italian tax authorities are also necessary.
When filed electronically, the single notice the company must provide a valid email address. The company will receive the documents within one week after submitting the application. The notices, communications, and receipts for filing will be sent electronically to the certified email address given by the company. 
Our company registration agents in Italy can help you throughout the company incorporation procedure. If you need to open a corporate bank account in Italy, you can contact our local specialists.

Access to the Italian Business Register

All the information submitted to the Business Register is available to the public. The register offers both economic and legal information about the companies registered therein. By maintaining this comprehensive company database, the Italian Business Register allows for free and transparent communication between Italian legal entities and the public.
Registered data about an Italian company can be acquired online using the InfoCamere portal or by requesting the information directly from one of the offices belonging to the Chamber of Commerce. The portal can be easily consulted by any individual or company in order to find out more about business partners or suppliers. 
The portal can be used both by businesses, professionals in Italy and citizens who want to find out more about a potential employer. Those seeking to know more about a company registered in Italy have access to information including the company’s certificate of incorporation, the budget or balance sheet for the previous year and any procedures that are currently underway like company liquidation. Certain online services offered by the Business Register can be accessed without registration, but the user will need to be registered to access most of the services.
The Telemaco service is the name of the online service available to individuals who wish to consult the official data about a company included in the Italian Business Register. This search is based on prior registration, however, for those individuals who are in need of the information available only to registered users, it can be an important step. The data that is available for non-registered users is limited to the offices of the company, the company profile, the annual accounts and the company registration report in English. Registered users have access to all of this information and the following: the company shareholders and the status of insolvency procedures, if applicable, the inclusion of the company in European Registers, access to the companies monitoring service as well as the possibility to request an advanced search and request certificates.
It is useful to point out that a registered search is advisable in some cases, for example in the case of company mergers and acquisitions in Italy. This is why an agent from our team can help you with a complete registered search as part of our packages.
The Italian Registro Imprese provides a set of documents that can be directly used by foreign nationals as they are issued in English. This is a service that is being offered as a preemptive manner to any situations or business misunderstandings that may occur when selecting information from another EU member state register or in all cases where the individual requesting the information is not an Italian national. The English company registration report can be presented to other foreign authorities as being officially issued by an Italian competent authority. Italian companies that are involved in international activities can find it useful to request their certificates in English for the purpose of providing the documentation to foreign authorities or foreign business partners. In an effort to modernize the general access to company information, these reports also include a QR code that can be easily verified as being an official one issued by the Business Register. An important reason why foreign investors can request the needed certificates in English is that there are no more translation costs for this particular document (for other documents these costs will apply as needed).
One of our agents who specialize in company formation in Italy can give you more information about the certificates in English.
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Reasons to open a company in Italy

Considering the latest developments related to the legislation on opening companies in Italy, both non-EU and EU residents benefit from various incentives when setting up businesses in this country. One of the most important amendments refers to the company incorporation timeframe which has been lowered to 5 days from the previous several weeks. The process for registering a company in Italy will take approximately 5 days to complete, including the opening of the corporate bank account and the VAT registration. The entrepreneurs can set up the account on the same day and the VAT number can be obtained after the company registration.
Compared to other countries, such as the UK, where the company registration procedure takes less but it is more complicated for foreign entrepreneurs, the company formation process in Italy takes longer, however it does not imply additional steps.

Company registration services in Italy

  • -        the registration of the director(s) and shareholder(s) with the Italian Tax Authorities (i.e. obtain a codice fiscale);
  • -       preparing the documentation need to set up the company, and execute on behalf of the client all the necessary documents;
  • -       apply for VAT registration and for a certified email address when needed;
  • -       handle the procedures for opening a corporate bank account (the bank account will be opened on the same day).
We can also assist foreign companies that want to enter the Italian market and for this purpose, they are interested in opening branches or representative offices in Italy. We can assist with the following procedures:
  • -       drafting and amending commercial agreements;
  • -       obtaining the necessary permits and licenses for regulated businesses (e.g. financial institutions, financial
  • intermediaries, insurance companies, gaming companies, travel agencies etc.);
  • -       debt collection;
  • company liquidation;
  • -       registration of “innovative start-up companies” pursuant to the recent Italy’s start-up
  • legislation package;
  • -       consulting for immigration law and investors’ visas;
  • -       consulting for employment law issues;
  • -       trademark registration in Italy.
We also invite you to watch our video on the Trade Register in Italy:

FAQ on the Trade Register in Italy

  1. Is it easy to register a company with the Italian Trade Register?
Yes, the procedure related to setting up a company with the Companies Register in Italy is not difficult and can be completed in a matter of days.
  1. Can I also find information on foreign companies operating in Italy with the Trade Register?
Yes, all foreign companies operating in Italy must register with the Business Register, so their information is kept here.
  1. Must I pay to obtain information from the Trade Register?
Yes, company searches with the Trade Register are based on a fee. Non-registered users can still access part of the information, however, the information available in this manner is not as complete and will only allow for a minimum search on the company’s particulars.
  1. Does the Trade Register keep information on other business forms than Italian companies?
Yes, the Business Register also keeps information about partnerships and sole proprietorships, as non-corporate entities must be registered the same way as corporate entities.
  1. For how long does the Trade Register keep information on a company?
The information is kept until the company no longer exists. Even after it ceases to exist, the Trade Register will keep the date of its deletion in a database.
Our agents can provide further legal information about the Register of Enterprises of Italy and they can help you register any type of legal form in Italy or other countries, such as Malaysia, Thailand or Denmark.
The Business Register provides accurate and transparent information on operating individual businessmen, commercial companies, European Economic Interest Groups, cooperatives, branches, farmers and small independent farmers, small companies, partnerships, professional partnerships of lawyers and other companies and public bodies. The fact that small companies are also registered contributes to the transparency of the information and the fact that it presents a comprehensive image of the existing and functioning legal entities on the Italian market. The Register is divided according to specialized sections and two such examples include the special section that includes agricultural companies, artisan companies, and others and the specific sections for start-ups, certified incubators, social enterprises, and others.
Investors who want to open a small company that offers goods and services, transport services or others need to go through the registration steps in Italy. Those who want to open a company in Italy and need specialized assistance according to the type of company can reach out to our team of agents. 
The Italian Business Register is a public register that operates as per the provisions of the law and in accordance with the dispositions from the Chamber of Commerce. It is managed on a local level, using computerized solutions. The main characteristic of the Register is that it provides access to the important information about registered companies in Italy, data that is also updated as needed, for example as soon as changes to the company officers or the registered address are made.
Our team of company registration agents can help local and foreign investors understand the registration requirements as well as their ability to search the Register. We can provide complete services that relate to the needed searches for the purpose of company due diligence.
For accounting services in Italy, we can put you in touch with our local experts.

European Business Register

You may also find out the required information about an Italian company from the European Business Register that can be accessed online. For Italy, you should contact the distributor called “InfoCamere”. The information about over six million companies in Italy is managed by the Italian Chamber of Commerce.
For full information on the services provided by our Italian company formation agents, please contact us.


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